Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dijon Market

Today I will share the Dijon market with you. We went on a Tuesday, which is the day of the BIG MARKET. It seems that all the town shops here, it was very busy.

They had everything you can imagine. Inside there was meat and fish, produce and other food items. Outside were the wares, flowers and plants, toys, clothes, jewelry, antiques and entertainment.

What an assortment of olives! So hard to choose.

And of course in Dijon, they sell their famous mustard.

There were a lot of jewelry stands and each one was unique.

It was so much fun to see. By now we couldn't buy for sure. Our suit cases were bulging.

These are beautiful, colorful, tablecloths and napkins.

Look at this fun display. You know what that means.... it reminds us it is time to have our coffee in the nearby outdoor cafe.

Tomorrow we leave for Italy. We depart for home from Rome.

By now, one of us is getting pretty homesick (moi).

Have a good day, see you tomorrow.

Switzerland and Rome before Home

Chuck and I had originally planned to be in Italy for about a week. But, the further into July it got, we discovered that the weather in Rome was very hot. One of us (moi) does not function well in hot and humid. Since we were not tied to a schedule we decided to spend some time in Dijon where the weather was more moderate.

We went from Dijon to Rome on the train. We went through a part of Switzerland. Since our rail pass was for France, Germany and Italy only, we could not get off the train in Switzerland. I did take these pictures from the window of the train as we were rolling through this beautiful country.

This picture is of Lake Como. It is bordered by Switzerland and Italy.

Swiss mountains

and more mountains.

When we arrived in Rome, one of us was hot, tired and homesick. Chuck and I were in Rome a little over three years ago and we did the regular tourist spots. Since we only had a day or two, we just relaxed and spent the time doing low key touring.

While we were on the canal boat in Southern France, we both read the book, Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. It is a novel that takes place in Rome. One thing we did was try to see some of the places he mentioned in the book.

Below, for example, is one of the pyramids he mentioned. of the obelisks he mentioned...this one with hieroglyphics

We did visit the famous Spanish steps since we did not see these on our first visit to Rome.

We spent time in the markets doing a little shopping before leaving the country.

This is a whole booth of "knock off" famous name purses. They were a very cheap imitation in my opinion.

Below is some of the original wall that surrounded Rome. It was hard to believe that we were looking at a structure so old.

After about a day and a half in Rome we took the train out to the airport and spent our last night there. We certainly had mixed feelings. We were excited about returning home and at the same time so sad to be leaving Europe.

Our flight home was excellent. We made some great connections and even ended up at home earlier than we had planned.

The last picture I am sharing with you, I took from the window of the plane between Salt Lake City and Richland. This was the last leg of our trip. The sun was setting and the light was breath taking.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share our trip with you.

We are planning to be around home for the month of September. We will be on another adventure during October.

One last thing, if you have not already donated money to the Red Cross for the hurricane victims, please consider doing so. Whether we realize it or not, our lives are all very entwined. We are one.